Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Can’t Wait To Read: The Broken Lands by Kate Milford

If the words nineteenth century New York City, Crossroads, Good Versus Evil, Orphans, and Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge excite you, then hello and welcome! You are my soul sister! If not, then you are probably not as excited as I am to read The Broken Lands by Kate Milford.

I loved the companion novel, The Boneshaker, particularly the main character, Natalie. But even without Natalie, I have faith in Milford’s ability to weave a complex and deeply moving story resonating with fantastical historic nostalgia.

Also, the summary mentions Coney Island, which, judging by how Milford handled the Nostrum Fair in The Boneshaker, can only mean good things.

One Tough Lady: Natalie from The Boneshaker

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Who is she?
            Natalie Minks, heroine of The Boneshaker by Kate Milford.