Monday, April 11, 2011

The Mystery of What is a Lavaliere Necklace?

After years of reading about Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's matching gold lavaliere necklaces that they got for their 16th birthday and wondering "What the heck is a lavaliere necklace?", the Sweet Valley High mystery has been solved.

Thanks to an amazing post on, I now know that this is a lavaliere necklace:

Very pretty. But not at all what I pictured. I always thought it was some sort of gold chain and green and ivory stone with a gold setting. Which doesn't make any sense, but what can you do. Anyway, at least I finally know. Now if I could only solve the mystery of why the updated SVH books took the twins from a perfect size 6 to a perfect size 4. Oh yeah, it's because the world wants us to hate ourselves.

For in-depth SVH analysis, check out, where I am attempting to re-read all the SVH books in time for the Diablo Cody-penned movie.

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