Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Can't Wait To Read...

Dream School by Blake Nelson

Blake Nelson's 1994 novel Girl (which I spoke about yesterday) ends with main character Andrea Marr on the plane to college, imagining what her experience will be like, and then commenting on her musings thusly:

"...But of course that's not what happened. Not even close."

That's the last line of the book!  These words tantalized me.  I wanted more Andrea Marr!  For years, whenever I went to the bookstore I would pass by the N end of fiction to see if a sequel to Girl had miraculously appeared.  Eventually, I gave up hope.  But now....Blake Nelson is finally releasing Dream School, aka, Andrea Marr, the college years!

Will Andrea like college?  Will she hook up with another lead singer?  Will she become the lead singer of her own band?  I can't wait to find out on December 6.

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