Friday, February 4, 2011

The Secret Circle Will (Hopefully) Be A TV Show!

In junior high knew that I was totally obsessed with L.J. Smith's Secret Circle books. Obviously I loved her Vampire Diaries, Forbidden Game, and Dark Visions books as well (I didn't read Night World until recently and I couldn't believe I had waited so long to read them), and no one was happier than me that the success of the Twilight series gave Ms. Smith a new surge of popularity. (Except maybe her. She was probably happier than me.) But The Secret Circle will always hold a special place in my heart. Witchcraft, hot boys, best friends, soul mates, and references to Greek mythology; what more could a girl ask for? And now, thanks to the success of The Vampire Diaries TV show and L.J. Smith's spot on the NY Times bestseller list, there is going to be a Secret Circle TV show!

Maybe. Hopefully. It's "In the pipe," according to, which, like the similarly vague "in development," seems to mean that the pilot script is finished but has not been cast or shot. L.J. Smith seems to be afraid that the deal is falling through. I am wishing on lashes that nothing happens to derail this project.

The show is being produced by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who have written and produced episodes of Angel, Dollhouse, and The Vampire Diaries. And now Kevin Williamson is involved as well, so the show is bound to be snappy and fun.

I am most worried about the casting. The book covers are iconic (to me) and I am hoping they can find people who look exactly like the models originally used on the 1992 covers. Apparently, someone out there agrees with me about L.J. Smith covers because there is an ENTIRE WEB SITE devoted to them. Just look at them. Aren't they glorious?

I used to always check the covers while I was reading to see if I could decide who was who. What do you think? My guess is (clockwise from top left) Diana, Faye, Cassie, and Adam. But I always felt like the top left could be Laurel, the bottom right could be Susan, and the bottom left could be Nick. Which maybe doesn't make as much sense now that I think about it because they are not the main characters. But there's no mistaking Faye.


  1. I saw your post on fb and I had to create an account to follow you guys! I'm so excited about this! I recently, and accidentally, rediscovered YA fiction. It's taking me a little time to stop worrying what the circulation girl thinks, but I'm getting there. I usually don't realize it's YA when I'm ordering the hold, but I seem to be finding them more frequently. Right now I'm reading So Punk Rock, not sure I love it though...

  2. No worries. If anyone is looking at the books that I have been taking out of the library, they think I am a girl aged 10-16. So you're not alone.

  3. Haha, ok. A few weeks ago I knew I had the two newest Ghost Huntress books ready at the library. I spent like twenty minutes looking for a grownup book to offset those.
    So Punkrock turned out ok. Jewish highschool boys start a band. I was hoping for more punkrockness, but it was sweet.