Tuesday, October 11, 2011


What does the internet have to offer this week?

  • For starters, I just found a Will Grayson, WillGrayson tumblr (http://willgraysonwillgrayson.tumblr.com/).  What could be better than a daily serving of the Wills and Tiny Cooper?  Highlights include a wonderful erasure poem using a page from the novel as the source material.
  • This great essay on YARN points out that most YA novels take place in high school.  The author hungers for a YA perspective on college (besides all the adult novels that take place in college, which, she rightfully notes, have a different tone and point of view from YA).
  • What could be better than a Pride and Prejudice retelling?  A P&P retelling that involves Prom!  Considering all the balls that happen in Austen novels, prom is a perfect fit.  And this YA Crush review is making me want to add Prom and Prejudice to my Can't Wait to Read file.
  • Girls swept the Google Science awards last week!  And the winner of the 17-18 category got her start in science making blue spinach.

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