Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drink, Slay, Love Is Born

Today is publication day for Drink, Slay, Love (or Kindle download day for me), and to celebrate, Sarah Beth Durst has written a delightful explanation of how she ended up writing the book. Here's a sample:

MY BRAIN: So, what are we writing about next?
ME: I really like unicorns.
MY BRAIN: What are you, four years old?
ME: What's wrong with unicorns?
MY BRAIN: Unicorns are not cool. Unicorns are sparkly.
ME: My unicorns would be cool!
MY BRAIN: You just miss your Lisa Frank sticker collection from your Trapper Keeper.

Read the full dialogue between ME and MY BRAIN over at SBD's blog, along with a brief teaser.

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