Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Internet Goings-On

There's a bevvy of fabulous stuff on the web today and I need to share.

  • The Fug Girls are covering fashion week, and they posted the above amazing photo of Nikki Minaj talking to Anna Wintour.  Does this mean a Nikki Minaj Vogue cover?  Please?  Pretty please?
  • In honor of fashion week, Rich Juzwiak put together an AMAZING gif wall of supermodels in music videos.  If you can name every supermodel and the artist and song for every video, I will worship you as a pop culture god.
  • On KateLinnea, a hilarious discussion by her almost-lawyer friend of The Vampire Diaries law (or lack thereof).  Is it really murder if you are killing non-humans?  Does property get passed down when characters die for only two minutes?  And who the heck is taking care of these children?
  • Nathan Rabin rewatched Sucker Punch, aka, the most infuriating, ridiculous, disturbing movie I have seen this year.  His take? Majestic fiasco.

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