Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Made-up Role Models: Katy Keene

Katy Keene is the titular character of a comic under the purview of the Archie empire. Apparently she's been around since 1945, but I knew her during her 1980's revival period.  I can't actually remember anything she did, besides be a model and generally nice person and have fabulous blue-black hair.  So Ms. Keene was really more of a made-up style role-model for me.  Let's take a look at the clothes!

Her hair scarf matches her purple pants, which are tucked into her pink fringed boots.  And look at the pose!  Even when this girl's not in front of a camera, she's modelling, as Tyra would say, from H to T.

A huge feather in her hair, a white fur stole, and a dress with a branching metal detail. Now this is how you dress for a premiere.  No wonder I'm constantly disappointed by award show red carpets.

The earrings!  And the bangs!  And, could it be?  Yes!  The right side is curly and the left side is straight!

Even when she's about to fall over, she's in broken down doll pose.  Love the pink feathers escaping from the bottom of her dress.  And, as always, the hair is lush, full, and gorgeous.

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