Friday, September 9, 2011

In Other Web News...

Here's some links to great things going on around the YA web.

  • YA Crush reviews the wonderful Melina Marcheta's The Piper's Son, which made me cry many times.  As all of her books do.
  • The Enchanted Inkpot has a wonderful gallery of fall YA Fantasy covers.  Looking at it makes me feel like when you go into one of those all-accessory stores and everything is so shiny and you want to take it all home with you and recreate the display in your bedroom.
  • Look at the amazing cover of the new Buffy Season 9 comic! (posted on LoveYALit.)  So beautiful.  Season 9 can't be any crazier than Season 8, right?  Right?
  • Aisha Tyler has a podcast!  OK, this one isn't strictly YA-related, but I loved her when I was a YA (and still do) and she was hosting talk soup and The Fifth Wheel, so it counts.
  • Rookie has this amazing guide to buying your first guitar.  I got my first guitar from Sam Ash, and even though my dad was there I was so terrified that I would be seen as a dumb girl who didn't know anything that I just agreed with anything that he and the sales guy said.  In actuality, I was only 14 and I'm sure the sales guy thought it was great that I was getting a guitar and never would have judged me about my lack of knowledge.  But I would have felt much better if I had a guide like this to prepare me.

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